On the last leg of a long car journey I decided that I needed to do something fun & fast.  This lovely headband pattern popped up in my head, and once locating it on my handy iPad I set to work on creating my crochet chains.  Yep, that’s all there is to these beauties, 2 chains of crochet – one approximately 300 stitches long & one approximately 150 long.  By the time we reached home I had managed to produce five pairs (the fifth was dusty rose, but I’ve already given it away as a birthday gift!).

The other day I finally sat down & gave a go at assembly.  In a crafty little miracle my collected scraps of fabric ribbon matched up pretty well with my projects. After a bit of time & practice I came out with one bright orange/green headband, a pink one & the variegated brown (Choco Hombre I believe is the color to be precise ;)). This morning I picked up where I left off & produced the final two in their lovely shades of grey.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results, I even wore my ‘hombre’ the other day with a cute summer outfit – totally out of my normal slob chic, but it was nice to dress up & enjoy the last days of summer.

Biggest lessons learned?

1) I need to get my hands on a good glue gun!  My thumb is numb from trying to push that glue stick through the thing by force!

2) Stiffer yarns are a bit easier to work with, soft ones tend to get crimpy & less cooperative.

As a little experiment why don’t we try a give away?  If anyone would like to win the orange & green headband please let me know in the comments below. I’ll put the entries in a draw & mail said headband to the winner! ;)

(A big thanks to Charles for helping me relocate & spiff up the blog yesterday!)